Craft-A-Brew Home Brewing Kits: A Great Gift Idea for any Occasion

May 07, 2014Kyle Westfall

Do you have gift giving frustration?  Who can blame you? Between birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other gift giving opportunities that occur throughout the year, it’s hard to find that perfect something for that someone special.  Enter our premium home beer brewing kit.  It’s an excellent idea for just about anyone, from the seasoned craft beer enthusiast to the college grad who’s gaining an appreciation for craft beer’s complex taste.  Perhaps it’s a house warming gift for the foodie who has an adventurous palate or for a friend who wants to take their passion for craft beer into their own kitchen.  Whoever the recipient (man or woman) and whatever the occasion, our premium home brewing kit is a gift of creating, sharing, and brewing. 

How does the gift giving begin?  It’s simple. Just select a starter kit with the beer recipe of your choice.  The lucky recipient will enjoy the complex taste of home brewed craft beer and the simplicity of our brewing process, created to replicate that of professional brewers.  For a gift that keeps on giving, purchase any of our beer recipes at any time, as our starter kits are meant for repeat use.   

Here are some suggestions for which recipe to give for what occasion (although, of course we recommend you select a recipe that suits the recipient):

The College Grad: Brown Ale - The perfect brew for those starting to appreciate dark beers.

Mother’s Day: O.G. Orange Golden - This one is citrusy and sweet, perfect for if mom has a sweet tooth. 

Father’s Day: Irish Stout – This is the ultimate “man’s beer,” dark with notes of coffee, toffee, and chocolate. 

Anniversary: American Pale Ale – You just can’t go wrong with this classic.

House Warming Gift: Hefeweizen – Almost anyone can appreciate this beer.  It’s easy to drink with a distinct flavor. 

Best Friend’s Birthday: Intergalactic Pale Ale – A fun creation for your buddy to enjoy!

Gift for the Boss: Oak Aged IPA – It’s a traditional brew that’s made to impress.  

Valentine’s Day: Chocolate Milk Stout – Semi-sweet chocolate flavor, need I say more?

Christmas: White House Honey Ale – A newly released special brew for the year’s biggest holiday. 


Our home brewing kits are a perfect way to say “thank you” or “I love you” or “congratulations”, and are appropriate for any holiday or gathering.  They say it’s better to give than receive, so why not give the gift of tasty, craft beer and a home brew experience?  Just make sure you get a taste!

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