Ladies and Craft Beer

Aug 11, 2014Kyle Westfall

This one goes out to all the ladies – the ones that truly love and appreciate the art and science of craft beer!  While men have historically dominated the beer industry, women are making a serious impact in the craft beer industry from brewing, snagging major titles such as Master Cicerone (craft beer’s version of Master Sommelier), and sharing their wealth of knowledge and point of views as educators, advocates, and bloggers. 

This article does a great job highlighting ten talented women in craft beer and gives new light to how the culture is progressing from the old “bros and beer” club. 

10 Amazing Women in Craft Beer You Should Know and Follow

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There are also a number of sites and organizations aimed at uniting craft beer-loving women. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Bitch Beer: Based in Austin, TX, and named one of the “Top 10 Austin Food Blogs," Bitch Beer aims to reclaim the term "bitch beer," often used to describe low-calorie, low-alcohol beers marketed toward women, and prove that "women can be just as passionate about craft beer as men."

Hey, Brewtiful: Based out of Atlanta, GA, this "brewtiful" site (sorry, had to) brings a "women's view of brewing and beer" to the web, with spotlights on female leaders in the craft brewing industry.


Need more proof?  Here are some statistics on women and craft beer…

>Women account for 25% of total beer consumption by volume and 37% of craft beer consumption in the United States.

>A study by Auburn University showed that 29% of brewery employees are women. 

>According to a recent poll, beer has replaced white wine as the beverage of choice amongst women between the ages of 18-34. 

Are you one of these beer-passionate ladies? Why not get your friends involved and help build on the female craft brewing movement? Whether your girlfriends are also devoted fans of craft beer or they are just dipping their toes into the culture, a great way to share your passion is to host a girl’s night of brewing and tasting.  It’s a fun way to spend well-needed time with your besties and do something different than the normal wine and cheese night. 

To get started, select several recipes from our home brew starter kits.  Of course, while you brew, you’ll need to sample!  Purchase several types of the same varieties of beer that you are brewing and taste each variety (check out these fun tasting cards on Etsy!).  Pair with cheese, appetizers, and scrumptious desserts.  After a few weeks of fermenting, you’ll have an excuse to do another ladies night and taste the beer you all “worked so hard” to create. 


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