Thanksgiving Day Beer Pairings

Nov 25, 2014Kyle Westfall

Did you know that it’s been well documented in many voyage journals that the Mayflower abandoned its voyage and landed in Plymouth due to running out of beer? Or that one of the first establishments constructed within the Pilgrim colony was a brewery? Knowing these facts, beer seems to be as appropriate to incorporate into your Thanksgiving celbrattion as the turkey, stuffing, and gravy!  

This Turkey Day, celebrate the way it should be celebrated, with beer! And since it’s a very important holiday, don’t just serve any beer. Serve different varieties of craft beer with each course. If you are not sure what to serve and when to serve it, no problem! Below, we’ve provided suggestions on which beer variety to serve with each course.



Apértif (before dinner): Many of us start the festivities early in the day, so in the attempt to save room for the food and the marathon day of drinking, start out with a light-bodied brew such as Pilsner, Lager, or Hefeweizen. This will get everyone loosened up a little and get the party started.

Craft-A-Brew Home Brew Suggestions: Hefeweizen, OG Orange Golden Ale

Other Craft Beer Suggestions: Dancing Man Wheat by New Glarus Brewing Company, Drunk Monk Hefeweizen by Three Floyds Brewing Co.


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Appetizers: When the appetizers come out, move onto a more moderate beer such as Pale Ale. This pairs nicely with salads, most cheese varieties, fruits, and light appetizers.

Craft-A-Brew Home Brew Suggestions: American Pale Ale, Intergalactic Pale Ale

Other Craft Beer Suggestions: Born Yesterday Pale Ale by Lagunitas Brewing Company, Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale


The Main Event: Enjoy your turkey, gravy, stuffing, and all the other Thanksgiving Day goodness with a strong Belgian Style Pale Ale or Golden Ale. The higher alcohol percentages cut through fats and starches, provide a sweet edge and boast complex flavors when paired with different foods.

Craft-A-Brew Home Brew Suggestions: OG Orange Golden Ale, White House Honey Ale

Other Craft Beer Suggestions: Damnation by Russian River Brewing Company or a classic Belgian Golden Ale, Duvel


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Dessert: Hopefully, by now you have saved room to satisfy your sweet tooth! When it comes to pairing beer with the dessert course, you need to remember one thing. Make sure your beer is sweeter than your dessert. Seek out big Stouts, as they tend to work best with this final course.

Craft-A-Brew Home Brew Suggestions: Chocolate Milk Stout, Bone Dry Irish Stout

Other Craft Beer Suggestions: Theobroma by Dogfish Head Brewery, Chocolate Stout by The Fort Collins Brewery



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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