Sláinte Hoppy Irish Red Beer Recipe Kit


Sláinte (Irish for “cheers” or “health”) is a seasonal hoppy Irish Red Ale. It’s available for a limited time each year ahead of St. Patrick’s Day! Brew this one soon to enjoy on March 17.

This hoppy Irish Red Ale is dosed 6 times with citrusy, piney Simcoe hops & flowery, tropical Amarillo hops. There's even a dry hop addition! It's fermented with an English Ale yeast strain for a floral, fruity finish. The foundation of this beer is its generous & distinctive grain bill, which gives this Irish Red its copper color, sharp flavor and foamy head. This Irish Red is smooth & full bodied - you'll taste a touch of coffee roast, dryness & biscuity flavor.

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    This 1-gallon recipe kit includes all the ingredients to brew your own "Sláinte" Hoppy Irish Red Ale:

    • 1.25 lb Dry Malt Extract
    • Simcoe (Bittering) Hops Packet
    • Amarillo (Flavor) Hops Packet
    • Simcoe & Amarillo (Flameout & Hopstand) Hops Packet
    • Amarillo (Dry Hop) Hops Packet
    • 6.4 Oz Specialty Grains: Caramunich 1, Fawcett Medium Crystal, Flaked Oats & Roasted Barley.
    • Grain Steeping Bag
    • Fruity Ale Yeast Packet
    • Sanitizer Packet

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