Kombucha pH Test Strips


Testing your kombucha’s pH helps you brew more consistent tasting booch every time. Kombucha pH Test Strips are available in single packs or 3 packs (15 strips per pack). Dip a strip in your kombucha for 2 seconds and compare to the included chart to determine the pH.

While they’re NOT required to brew kombucha, pH test strips can help you better understand & track the fermentation process. Use Kombucha pH Test Strips to dial in your ideal fermentation time to achieve your preferred flavor & tartness.

A pH reading won’t tell you when your kombucha is done fermenting (your taste buds do that). But they do tell you how acidic it is, and acidity keeps your kombucha safe from mold growth. On a scale from 0 - 6, a pH below 4.0 usually means kombucha’s safe to drink, because other microorganisms can’t survive in such an acidic environment. We love a pH of 2.5 - 3, but trust your taste buds to tell you when to bottle.

What’s included?

    • 15 pH test strips in a single pack (45 test strips in a 3 pack)
    • pH color chart 
    • Storage envelope 
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