Kombucha Heat Wrap


A warm, stable fermentation temperature is crucial when brewing kombucha at home. Use our Kombucha Heat Wrap for best results and consistent booch every time! A fermentation temperature between 75-80 °F is ideal. Cooler temps leave kombucha susceptible to mold growth. This can be quite difficult to maintain in the winter or if you keep your thermostat cool year round.

Our custom, snug-fitting Kombucha Heat Wrap can combat a cold environment with its hook and loop fastener and three heat settings - high, medium, and low. This wrap includes an adhesive thermometer for your fermenting jar so you can monitor the fermentation temperature. 

What’s included:

  • Kombucha Heat Wrap (19” x 5”. Cord length is 91”, just longer than 7.5’)
  • Adhesive thermometer

Why use it?

  • Helps prevent mold growth
  • Balances the ratio of yeast to bacteria
  • Produces consistent tasting kombucha every time

How to choose the proper setting:

  • Set to HIGH if your home is colder than 65 °F
  • Set to MEDIUM if your home is between 66 - 70 °F
  • Set to LOW if your house is between 71 - 73 °F
  • Set heat OFF if your home is 75 °F or warmer
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