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Experiment With Flavors
Using Our Hard Cider Kit

Our Hard Cider Kit includes all the equipment needed to make dry sparkling hard cider at home. With our Hard Cider Kit, you bring the juice, and we bring the rest! If you like the more traditional cloudy hard ciders, choose an unfiltered apple cider juice as your base. If you like cleaner tasting, clearer cider starts with a natural apple juice instead. Not sure how to add flavors to your cider? We’ve got you covered, view our Guide to Making Hard Cider.

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Hard Cider Steps

Make Your Own
Hard Cider

Hard cider was brought to America by our founding fathers and is a part of our American heritage. We created a premium kit that allows you to continue this time-honored tradition at home. Try our Hard Cider Kit and start making your own.

Hard Cider Kit
Hard Cider Recipe Kit

Already Have Equipment?

Our Hard Cider Recipe Kit includes 3 yeast packets and 3 sanitizer packets so you can make 3 gallons of dry sparkling hard apple cider with your own equipment. Compatible with a 1 gallon carboy or other 1 gallon fermenters.

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Bottles of Cider

How Much Cider is it?

Our Hard Cider Kit makes three 1-Gallon batches of cider, that’s the same as 10 Swing-top bottles per batch!