32oz Mason Jar


This 32 oz Ball wide mouth mason jar is compatible with The Catalyst Fermentation System. Wide mouth mason jars are useful homebrewing tools - perfect for making yeast starters, serving beer or making tinctures. Read our blog for tips on making and using tinctures to flavor your homebrewed beer.

This Ball wide mouth mason jar is an excellent addition to The Catalyst. Our 6.5 gallon capacity conical fermenter features a butterfly valve compatible with wide mouth mason jars. Sediment and yeast collect in removable jars so you don't have to use a siphon to transfer your beer.

A 32 oz mason jar is ideal for collecting & discarding pre-fermentation trub. This jar's also ideal for use with high gravity beers, heavily hopped beers or brews using lots of adjuncts. This large volume ball wide mouth mason jar can hold a lot of volume, meaning you don't have to dump sediment as often. Try using a 32 oz mason jar for the first 10 days of fermentation. Dump the trub and replace with an 8 oz mason jar for yeast collection & harvesting.

*This jar includes a lid (seal and ring).


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