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Experiment With Your
Favorite Flavors

You can enjoy the crisp apple flavors of our original Hard Cider kit on its own, or if you feel a little adventurous you can experiment by adding your favorite flavors as well.

Not sure how to add flavors to your cider? We’ve got you covered. We’ve added a couple of our favorite recipe variations in our Guide to Cider Making right here.

Our Hard Cider is also the perfect base for cider cocktails and with the help of the internet, the options are endless! From Bellinis, to Mulled Apple Ciders, there’s a cider cocktail recipe for every ocassion, making this a perfect drink to enjoy year-round.

Make Your Own
Hard Cider

Brought to America by our founding fathers, the history of American Hard Cider is a long one. We believe in continuing their legacy of great cider makers by allowing you to create a great tasting Hard Cider right from home, just like they did long ago.

You bring the juice, we bring the rest! Our kits come with all the equipment needed to make dry sparkling cider at home. The juice is up to you. If you like the more traditional cloudy hard ciders – like the ones Johnny Appleseed enjoyed – choose an unfiltered apple cider juice as your base, but if you like cleaner tasting, clearer cider then start with a natural apple juice instead.

Hard Cider Kit
Hard Cider Recipe Kit

Already Have Equipment?

Our Hard Cider Recipe Kit comes with yeast and sanitizer to ferment three 1-gallon batches of cider.

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How Much Cider is it?

Our Hard Cider Kit makes three 1-Gallon batches of cider, that’s the same as 10 Swing-top bottles per batch!