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Make your own honey wine with our NEW Mead Making Kit.

Perhaps THE original fermented beverage, mead is a “honey wine” made of honey, water & yeast. Our NEW Mead Making Kit is a celebration of farm to table pursuits with local honey as the centerpiece of this fermented drink. Making mead with our mead brew kit is simple - you bring the honey, we handle the rest.

Each batch of homemade mead is unique, reflecting the type of honey used, whether it’s orange blossom, tupelo or wildflower. Each Mead Making Kit makes 1 gallon or 10 bottles.

Want to learn more about our mead brew kit? View our Guide to Making Mead.

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Mead Making Kit

Bottling Kit

Compatible with our 1 gallon mead kit. Includes 8x 16oz swing top bottles to age your mead.

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Mead Bottling Kit

Already Have Equipment?

Our Mead Recipe Kit includes ingredients for brewing mead with your own equipment.

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Mead Recipe Kit