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Kyle Westfall - Craft a Brew
Left Quotation - Craft a Brew

Here at Craft a Brew we’re on a mission to turn craft beer lovers into craft beer brewers with our premium homebrew kits. Designed to help first-timers and hobbyists alike make the best possible beer in their very own kitchens, right out of the box. Since 2010, we’ve been perfecting our easy-to-use kits, sourcing the freshest ingredients from the same suppliers of the American craft beer industry and proudly assembling each kit by hand, under one roof in Orlando, FL.

Right Quotation - Craft a Brew

How it all got started

Core Values

High Quality - Craft a Brew

High Quality

Elegant Design - Craft a Brew

Elegant Design

Sustainability - Craft a Brew


Meet the Team

Kyle - Craft a Brew

Kyle Westfall

Founder & President

If I could only drink one beer for the rest of my life, would it be:

Sierra Nevada Celebration

You may be surprised to know that I:

Have a hydroponic garden on my apartment balcony and grow my own greens and vegetables

My favorite Craft A Brew recipe is:

Chocolate Milk Stout

Besides good beer, I am passionate about:

European Auto Racing

If I could have a beer with any one person, living or deceased, it would be:

Carl Sagan