1 Gallon Beer Making Kits

Get the best Beer Making Kit from Craft a Brew. Our top-rated home Beer Making Kits have the finest ingredients and include the essential brewing equipment needed to start your homebrewing journey. Each Beer Making Kit makes 1 gallon of delicious craft beer and follows an easy and fun brewing process.


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How To Use Our Beer Making Kit

Premium Beer Making Kit

We have a Beer Making Kit for every taste. Easily brew over 25 beer styles, including collaborations with leading craft breweries. Our 1 Gallon Beer Making Kits let you brew beer at home with confidence, knowing that your beer kit features premium hops, and grains used by the pros.

What's Inside Our 1 Gallon Beer Making Kits

How To Make Your Own Beer


Our Guide To Craft Brewing

A step by step guide to brewing, fermenting, and bottling your beer.