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Everything You Need to Start Brewing Beer

Our easy to use beer-making kits come with everything you need to brew a gallon of craft beer, including fresh packed ingredients, reusable equipment & sanitizer. More than 18 beer styles to choose from!

Brewing Kit Example - Craft a Brew

Need a Refill?

Already have one of our brew kits? Grab a refill recipe kit, compatible with our 1 gallon equipment. Recipe kits include freshly packed ingredients and sanitizer needed to start another batch of beer.

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Catalyst Fermentation System Image - Craft a Brew
Catalyst Fermentation System Logo - Craft a Brew

The Future of Fermentation is here

The Catalyst Fermentation System is an innovative piece of homebrewing equipment that simplifies all the steps that come after brew day. Our all-in-one 6.5 gallon system eliminates the need for transfers and bottling buckets. No other equipment needed for primary & secondary fermentation, harvesting yeast, bottling or kegging!

The 5 Gallon Starter Kit

Want to begin your homebrew adventure with our innovative Catalyst Fermentation System? Meet our New Brewer Starter Kit. It includes a Catalyst, a 5 gallon recipe kit, accessories and an instruction booklet to help you brew your first 5 gallon batch of beer!

The 5 Gallon Starter Kit - Craft a Brew

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