Brewing Videos

Are you a visual learner? Watch a brewing video for your kit before you get started! There’s a homebrewing video for each of our kits so you can brew with confidence. Whether you’re looking for a brewing video, bottling video or other educational videos, you can find them all here.

Brewing Beer

Hard Cider Kit: How To Make Cider At Home

Mead Making Kit: How To Make It At Home

Root Beer Making Kit: Make It At Home

How To Make Wine

Kombucha Making Kit: How To Make It At Home

Hot Sauce Kit: How To Make It At Home

How to Bottle

Craft a Brew: The Catalyst Fermentation System (Kickstarter Video)

The Catalyst: Reattaching The Gasket

Priming Sugar In Bottling Attachment Test - The Catalyst

The Stasis - Temperature Control for Homebrewers using the power of Glycol

How To Install A Sample Port | The Catalyst Fermentation System