Brewing Transfer Pump

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Revolutionize your home brewery with a Brewing Transfer Pump. Helps you transfer beer, wine, mead & more without having to start a siphon. A Brewing Transfer Pump is a fantastic tool for moving liquids between vessels (perfect for bottling, transferring wine off of sediment, etc.) No need to lift a dangerous glass carboys or full fermenters for transferring to secondary into a keg. 

You don't need gravity or CO2 pressure to move liquid with the Super Sucker Brewing Transfer Pump, so you can make transfers between side-by-side vessels! Just attach a racking cane to transfer tubing, run that tubing to the pump and then to the receiving vessel. Flip the switch and watch it work!

** Pump does NOT include transfer tubing. If you need tubing select the bundle option above, which includes a 10 foot lenght of 5/16" transfer tubing cut into 2x five foot lengths. Pump is compatible with 5/16" length inner diameter transfer tubing. Try our Beer Hose Clamps to secure the tubing and connections.


Specs & features:

- on/off switch
- self-priming
- 10 mm barbed inlet & outlet
- flows at a maximum of 1.12 gal per minute
- suction: 5 inches
- max lift: 12.5 feet
- maximum temperature rating: 140 *F
- voltage: 12v DC(3.5A)
- pressure: 90 PSI


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