8 Oz. Mason Jar (Yeast Catch)


This 8 Oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar (Yeast Catch) is compatible with The Catalyst Fermentation System. Wide mouth mason jars of all sizes are useful homebrewing tools - perfect for collecting & harvesting yeast or making tinctures. Read our blog for tips on making and using tinctures to flavor your homebrewed beer.

This 8 Oz. Mason Jar is an excellent addition to The Catlayst. Our 6.5 gallon capacity conical fermenter features a butterfly valve compatible with wide mouth mason jars. This mason jar is particularly well suited for collecting & harvesting yeast to use for future brews. After about 12 days of fermentation, remove the 16 or 32 oz jar & dump the sediment. Replace with this 8 oz mason jar for yeast collection.

Our 8 Oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar is just the right size for yeast catching. It includes a lid (ring & seal) to store harvested yeast in the refrigerator until you're ready to use it on your next batch of beer.

*Includes a lid (seal & ring). 

*You may receive a Kerr or Ball jar, pending availability. Kerr and Ball brand mason jars are manufactured by the same parent company and have the exact same threading, width, volume & height.

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