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Maltodextrin is the ‘body builder’ of the brewing world. If you’ve ever felt like your brew was too thin or somewhat watery - try adding Maltodextrin to boost the body & create fuller mouthfeel when brewing. This (mostly) non-fermentable sugar also helps with head retention without altering the flavor or color.

Though it doesn’t contribute significant sweetness to the beer, Maltodextrin a great dairy-free substitute for lactose if you want to achieve a similar creamy, smooth mouthfeel in your brew.

Available in 1.6 oz & 8 oz bags:

  • 1.6 oz will treat a gallon of beer
  • 8 oz will treat a 5 gallon batch or multiple smaller volume batches of beer

HOW-TO use Maltodextrin for brewing: Add with DME (Dried Malt Extract) on brew day to add body, to add smooth mouthfeel & to boost head retention without added flavor. Adds 4 gravity points to the fermented beer.  

  • Add to our New England IPA, which already gets a body boost from oats, for an even fuller, softer mouthfeel.
  • Add to imperial stouts or imperial PAs to combat the thinness that often comes with high gravity beers.
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