Hop Straining Bag


Our durable, reusable Hop Straining Bag keeps hop pellets (or whole cones) contained. Perfect for use on brew day or for dry hop additions.

Made from high quality nylon that's built to last batch after batch, this Hop Straining Bag is ideal for highly hopped homebrew recipes. You may find it especially useful with our New England IPA or Resin IIPA. Keeping hops contained in a removable grain bag means a clearer beer in your glass. Using a grain bag for brewing will means less straining required when transferring fresh brewed wort into your fermenter - and less sediment on bottling day.

Not just for hops, this versatile Hop Straining Bag can also be used to steep specialty grains or keep adjuncts contained. Think orange peel (Orange Golden Ale), coffee beans (Fool's Gold Stout), or even cacao nibs (Chocolate Milk Stout).

Our grain bag for brewing is made of extremely fine mesh, and features a drawstring to keep hops contained. The bag measures 8″ x 9 ¼″.

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