Craft A Brew Tumbler Beer Glass


Show off your hard earned homebrew in our beautifully designed Craft A Brew Tumbler Beer Glass. This 16 Oz. Craft A Brew Tumbler Beer Glass is in heavy rotation in Craft a Brew’s tap room. It feels good in your hand and its shape is ideal for serving all craft beer styles. It’s perfect for serving your hoppiest IPAs or your haziest New Englands. Our hop cap logo is printed on one side and our current mantra is printed on the other. If you’ve got “good things brewing” at home, serve ‘em in this sleek tumbler. Our Craft A Brew Tumbler Beer Glass features a narrowed & flared lip - this chimney shape is designed to maximize the aromatics & aid in head retention as you sip for a well rounded sensory experience.

The specs:

- 6.75” tall
- 2.25” wide at the base
- 2.5” wide at the lip

Hand washing is recommended (over dish washing) to preserve the design.

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