Clover Wort Immersion Chiller – 1 Gallon


Step up your small batch home brewery with the Clover Wort Immersion Chiller. The first of its kind, our small wort chiller was designed to help 1 gallon brewers quickly bring boiling wort to yeast-safe temperatures.

After the boil, it's important to chill the wort (unfermented beer) down to around 75°F as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of contamination. Traditionally, this is done with an ice bath, which involves placing the brew pot in your sink & filling the sink with pounds of ice and water. This can be a slow process that draws out your brew day. Get to fermentation faster with the Clover Wort Immersion Chiller!

While most chillers on the market are sized for 5+ gallon batches, our proprietary small wort chiller is designed specifically for 1 gallon batch brewers. It's just the right size for our 2 gallon brew kettle or your own brew pot. For larger volume brews or larger try our 5 gallon Clover Wort Immersion Chiller.

No matter the scale of your home brewery, you deserve quality equipment that helps you craft your best tasting beers! That's why Craft a Brew scaled down this homebrew staple into a compact solution for 1 gallon batches.

Compact (standing at just 9" tall), easy to use and easy to clean - the Clover Wort Immersion Chiller arrives pre-assembled, ready to use right out of the box! Our custom wort chiller features 12.5' of coiled copper tubing, chosen for its ability to conduct heat better than other metals. The Clover Wort Immersion Chiller can be submerged into boiling wort during the last few minutes of the boil to sufficiently sterilize - no sanitizing required!

Another benefit of a small immersion wort chiller: it helps you achieve "cold break." This is a catch all name for the solids that form & float in the brew pot during chilling. The cold break looks like miso soup and consists of proteins, hop debris and malt tannins. They clump together and eventually fall out of suspension, making it easier to keep out of your fermenter when you transfer the wort into your fermenter. Achieving cold break leads to improved clarity in your finished beer!

Save time & brew better beer with the Clover Wort Immersion Chiller.

NOTE: The chiller includes a garden hose compatible attachment. If brewing indoors, try our Faucet Adapter to connect the chiller to your kitchen sink.

What's included:

  • Clover Chiller copper immersion coil (12.5 feet of copper tubing, 1/4" outer diameter)
  • Two 5' vinyl tubing leads - pre-installed with worm clamps
  • One female garden hose brass swivel adapter for connecting to cold water source -   pre-installed with worm clamps
  • 3 stainless steel worm clamps

How to use:

At about 10 minutes left in the boil, insert the chiller into the boiling wort to sanitize it. If brewing outdoors, screw the garden hose attachment on to your garden hose spigot or utility sink faucet. If brewing indoors, we recommend using a Faucet Adapter.

Place the “out” flow hose into the sink (or away from you if brewing outdoors). ATTN: the water flowing out of the “out” flow hose will be hot at first due to contact with the boiling wort. Take precautions to avoid scaling or burning.

Once boil is finished, turn the (cold) water source on. Increase the flow as needed to find the right flow rate (faster flow will chill the wort faster). You can stir the wort in the pot to increase contact with the chilling coil. Monitor the wort temperature as you chill - the goal is to reach yeast-pitching temps of 75 °F or below. Once chilled, transfer wort into your fermenter & pitch yeast to begin fermentation.



  • 7" diameter coil
  • 8.5" height from bottom of the coils to the bend
  • 3.5" coil profile height

Chilling speed:

Chilling speed will depend on a variety of factors, including the water's source & temperature, the season & region in which you're brewing, the volume of the wort, etc.  

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