Brewers Crystals

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Looking to boost the ABV in your homebrewed beer or hard cider? Brewers Crystals help increase the ABV (alcohol by volume) without altering flavor, thinning or drying out the beer's mouthfeel.

Brewers Crystals are a combination of corn syrup & glucose solids. An alternative to corn sugar (dextrose), or Dry Malt Extract. Brewers Crystals contain a blend of fermentable & un-fermentable sugars, which mimic the fermentation profile of an all-malt sugar addition. But unlike DME, Brewers Crystals don't add any additional flavors or colors to your beer; unlike Dextrose (Corn Sugar), Brewers Crystals don't dry out the mouthfeel of the finished beer.

Brewers Crystals are a more efficient way to boost ABV (less is needed to boost ABV than corn sugar) and won't alter the beer flavor or mouthfeel in the process.

Available in 2 oz, 10 oz & 1 lb bags:

  • A 2 oz packet will treat a 1 gallon batch of beer.
  • A 10 oz packet will treat 5x 1 gallon batches of beer OR a single 5 gallon batch of beer.
  • A 1 lb bag will treat up to eight 1 gallon batches of beer OR multiple 2+ gallon beers.

HOW-TO use Brewers Crystals to boost ABV in beer:

Add with Dried Malt Extract on brew day. Use 2 oz per gallon of beer to boost ABV by 0.5%.

We don't recommend trying to exceed the target ABV of our recipes by more than 2%. Doing so can lead to overly sweet off-flavors and even over-carbonation. 

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