Buddy Brew Black Lab Roast Coffee Beans

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Coffee and beer are a dynamic duo. If you love a coffee porter - add some buzz to your next homebrew with whole coffee beans from Buddy Brew Coffee. Buddy Brew Black Lab Roast Coffee Beans are our favorite coffee for brewing - it’s what we use for the Fool’s Gold Golden Stout in order to achieve rich roasty stout flavor.

Available in 1 oz & 5 oz packs:

  • 1 oz will treat a 1 gallon batch of beer
  • 5 oz will treat a 5 gallon batch or multiple smaller batches of beer

HOW-TO use Buddy Brew Black Lab Roast Coffee Beans: Add whole beans to carboy after 1 week of fermentation. Let age for 1-2 more weeks before bottling.

Coarse grind the beans for more intense coffee flavor. You might find a hop straining bag handy for keeping the grounds contained.

For even more intense coffee flavor, soak the Buddy Brew Black Lab Roast Coffee Beans in a neutral spirit (like vodka) - just enough to barely cover them. Let soak for 24-48 hours before you plan to bottle. Strain out the solids & add the infused liquid to your priming sugar and bottle as usual.

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