Deluxe Hydrometer Gravity Testing Kit


Want to master your craft? Measure precise ABV of your beers & meads? Try a Deluxe Hydrometer Gravity Testing Kit. A simple, but essential brewing accessory helps you calculate the gravity (potential alcohol content) of your fermentations.

Most of our beer recipes will ferment to 5 - 7.5% ABV. But, if you’ve ever wondered exactly how much alcohol your brew ended up with, our Deluxe Hydrometer Gravity Testing Kit is the answer!

A small sample of wort taken before fermentation and a small sample taken on bottling day are compared to calculate the ABV. The Original Gravity (OG) tells you how much sugar is in the wort before fermentation. The Final Gravity (FG) reveals how much sugar has been fermented into alcohol.

Used for mead, wine, beer & hard cider, this tool measures 3 scales: 

1. Specific gravity (0.999 - 1.170)
2. Potential ABV (0 - 22%)
3. Brix (0 - 38 % sugar by weight)

    What's included?

    • Glass hydrometer (9.5” tall)
    • Plastic test jar (10” tall)
    • Detailed instructions for use
    • Fermometer (Adhesive thermometer for your test tube. Helps you to correct your readings if your sample is too warm or too cold.)
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