Floral Saison 5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit


A beer for your inner flower child - this refreshing Floral Saison 5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit is blooming with lavender aroma, citrus notes from rose hips & a pink hibiscus hue. Fermented with a specialty Belgian ale yeast, this saison finishes dry & crisp with signature peppery, spicy esters.

This Floral Saison five gallon beer recipe includes heaps of hibiscus, lavender & rose hips for a bouquet of flavor & aromatics. Notes of fruit & spice from hibiscus flowers and delicate herbal quality from lavender. Rose hips (the part of the rose just below the flower) add citrusy brightness. Belgian candi sugar provides a nice ABV boost.

Floral Saison Specs

What's Inside the Floral Saison 5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit

This Floral Saison 5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit includes all the ingredients to brew this Floral Saison:

  • 6.25 lb Pilsen Dry Malt Extract
  • Hibiscus, Lavender & Rose hips Blend
  • Light Belgian Candi Sugar
  • Styrian Golding (Bittering) Hop Packet
  • Saaz (Aroma) Hop Packet
  • Specialty Grains
  • Grain Steeping Bag
  • BE-134 Yeast Packet
  • Step by step instruction sheet 

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