Holiday Ale Beer Making Kit

It’s the most wonderful time...for a beer. Our seasonal Holiday Ale Beer Making Kit is malty, but not too sweet, with just enough hop bitterness to balance the warm toffee notes.
This Holiday Ale home beer brewing kit makes a wintery red brew that may remind you of a Christmas cookie with the sprinkle of cinnamon, and all-spice added to the boil. You’re sure to make the ‘nice list’ if you leave a bottle for Santa, but we won’t blame you if you keep it all to yourself.

*For an intense spice experience follow the steps below:

  1. Don't use the spices on brew day. Reserve until day 12 of fermentation.
  2. Soak spices in 1 oz of a neutral spirit (vodka, etc.) in a container and set aside.
  3. On bottling day, stir the vodka & spice mixture into cooled priming sugar.
  4. Bottle beer as usual!

Holiday Ale Specs

What's Inside the Holiday Ale Beer Making Kit

This Holiday Ale Beer Making Kit comes with all the beer brewing supplies you need to be a master brewer, and make our seasonal Holiday Ale including:

  • Glass Carboy
  • Funnel
  • Racking Cane
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Transfer tubing
  • Tubing clamp
  • Airlock
  • Thermometer
  • Guide to Craft Brewing
  • Holiday Ale Recipe kit
  • Sanitizer

Brew Your Own Holiday Ale

Our Guide To Craft Brewing

A step by step guide to brewing, fermenting & bottling your beer.

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