Honey for Making Mead

Honey Variety

The best honey for mead is raw and local. If you have our Mead Making Kit & need honey to get started, try some of our favorite regional honey varieties: Clover & Midwest. The perfect bulk honey for mead, each bottle contains 40 oz (2.5 lb) - exactly what you need to ferment 1 gallon of mead. Sourced from Local Hive, a supporter of 250+ local beekeepers across the U.S., this honey is local, raw & unfiltered.


We offer bulk honey for mead in a rotating series of varieties. Currently we have:

Clover honey: Some of the best honey for mead, this American clover honey is mild, sweet & beautifully floral. It's harvested from bees that pollinate clovers, one of the most common wildflowers in the eastern U.S. With more than 300 clover species nationwide, each bottle will have a slightly different flavor profile.

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