Orange Blossom Honey For Mead


Orange Blossom Honey is sweet, flowery & citrusy - this renowned honey variety is a mead maker favorite. Notes of white flower and zesty orange make for a delicious and complex mead. This straw colored honey is harvested from bees that pollinate Citrus × sinensis (sweet orange or navel orange). Orange Blossom Honey is always best sourced from trusted farms, as this covetable variety is often artificially flavored. This honey is tested for Methyl anthranilate, the natural compound that gives orange blossom its flavor, to ensure authenticity.

This 40 oz (2.5 lb) bottle of Orange Blossom Honey can be used with our Mead Making Kit or Mead Recipe Kit to make 1 gallon of honey wine. This honey can also be used to backsweeten your mead.

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