Light Craft Lager Beer Recipe Kit


Light beer lovers - you'll love our Light Craft Lager Beer Recipe Kit. This crisp, Light Craft Lager Beer Recipe Kit uses biscuity pilsner style malts and a cold fermenting yeast strain for clean flavor and drinkability. Gently hopped with subtle spice & floral notes to achieve the perfect balance in your pint glass.

Our Light Craft Lager Beer Recipe Kit includes traditional Saaz hops, used in many refreshing pilsners and lagers, and Mount Hood hops for a touch of floral fragrance.

Specialty Lager yeast, W-34/70, helps this beer finish crisp and clean. This versatile yeast will thrive in cold temps, but also ferments well in the low 70's, making it a fantastic option for those new to brewing lagers at home. Specialty equipment and sophisticated fermentation temperature control aren't required!

Light Craft Lager Specs

What's Inside the Light Craft Lager Beer Recipe Kit

This 1 gallon Light Craft Lager Beer Recipe Kit includes all the ingredients to brew our American light lager recipe:

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