8 Gallon Brew Kettle


This 8 gallon Stainless Steel Beer Brewing Kettle is perfect for brewing full volume beers. This brew kettle provides plenty of headspace to prevent spillage and boil overs.

This particular Stainless Steel Beer Brewing Kettle features graduated volume markers inside the pot, from 1 to 7 gallons, making it easy to fill and measure your batch size. Looking for a smaller brew pot? Try our 2 gallon brew pot or our 5 gallon brew pot.

Includes a lid that is slightly domed and features handles for easy transporting and handling on brew day.

The specs:

- pot diameter (without handles): ~12.375"
- pot diameter (with handles): 15.25"
- pot height: 17.5" 
- wall & bottom thickness: 0.8 mm
- stainless steel
- 32 quart volume

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