Super Kleer KC Finings

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Wish your homebrewed beer and wine was clearer? Try Super Kleer KC Finings, a two stage clarifying kit, after fermentation for brilliantly clear beverages.

Two packets in one, Super Kleer KC includes a packet of Kieselsol and a packet of Chitosan.* Together, these fining agents clear your fermented beverage in 12-48 hours.  

These fining agents help yeast clump together for quicker clarifying.*

*This product is derived from shellfish.
**May not clear pectin hazes or wines made with hard water. 

How To Use Super Kleer KC Finings To Clear A 5 Gallon Batch Of Beer Or Wine:

1. After fermentation is complete & wine is transferred into a secondary fermenter, add Kieselsol to the carboy & stir gently.
2. Dissolve Chitosan in 1 oz of warm water, then add to the carboy. Stir gently.
3. Let clear for 12-48 hours with the airlock installed.
4. Proceed with bottling as usual.

FREEZE WARNING: This product is not freeze tolerant. If your delivery location is experiencing near-freezing temperatures we recommend waiting to purchase during warmer months to avoid degradation during transit or delivery.

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