Wine Tasting Corks

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Ready to bottle your wine? You’re going to need some Wine Tasting Corks! Also called T-Corks, these are the same Wine Tasting Corks included in our Wine Making Kit and Wine Bottling Kit.

Each 19 mm diameter T Cork features a plastic top and are compatible with standard 750 mL corked wine bottles. Not compatible with twist off wine bottles.

Use tasting corks to reuse empty wine bottles to store homemade wine. Once sanitized, wine tasting corks are ready to use and incredibly easy to insert, and remove by hand - no corker needed!

Wine Tasting Corks are best used for wines that will be enjoyed within a few months. T-Corks are not ideal for wines or meads that will age for years or for bottles that will be stored on their sides.

One gallon of wine fills 5 standard 750 mL wine bottles. Stock up with a bag of 10, 30 or 100!

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