Cooking with Beer

Jun 23, 2014Kyle Westfall

Need a way to use up extra beer (if there is any leftover)? Or, more likely, do you need another excuse to brew more of your favorite beer at home?  From the main course to tasty treats, beer is making its way from the bar to the kitchen with delicious recipes everyone will enjoy. Even better: when you cook with beer that your brewed yourself at home (perhaps with one of our fine home beer making kits), your culinary beer-enhanced masterpiece will truly be from scratch!

Why Cook with Beer?

For the main course, soups, or sides, beer adds a rich, earthy flavor to foods without having to simmer or marinate for hours. For desserts, beers with a sweet or nutty taste can add depth and elevate the taste.  Here are a few helpful tips to consider when beer is on the ingredients list.    

  1. When cooking with beer, virtually all of the alcohol evaporates during the heating process.  Don’t worry about getting drunk from the food.  Just worry about getting drunk from drinking while you prepare the food. 
  2.  If a recipe calls for wine, you can replace with beer.  However, your dish will have more of a malty, toasty flavor. 
  3. You should never cook with a beer that you wouldn’t drink.  If you don’t like the way it tastes while you sip, you probably won’t like the flavor it provides on a plate. 

Different Beers, Different Flavors Different beers are going to pair better with certain foods, so make sure you consider the taste and ingredients in a beer before adding it to a dish.  Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate some of our home brews from our beer brewing kits into different recipes.


O.G Orange Golden/ Hefeweizen

Oak Aged IPA/ Brown Ale/ American Pale Ale

Irish Bone Stout/ Chocolate Milk Stout

Do you have a great recipe made from your favorite home brew? Inspired to brew your own beer so you can make your own culinary creation from scratch? Let us know!

Craft A Brew's Maple Candied Bacon Smoked Stout Chili was a hit at the 2013 Orlando Chili Cook Off

Craft A Brew's Submission in the 2013 Orlando Chili Cook Off: Maple Candied Bacon Smoked Stout Chili

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