Happy Independence Day! Red, White and Blue Beers, Plus Take 15% Off American Pale Ale Beer Kits and Recipes!

Jul 01, 2014Kyle Westfall

How do you celebrate the 4th of July? Do you set off fireworks? Host a BBQ? Go to the beach?

With this year's 4th of July falling on a Friday, no doubt you'll be enjoying a craft beer or two. Why not celebrate America's independence by celebrating your right to brew your own beer at home? Now through July 4th, 2014, take 15% off our 1 Gallon American Pale Ale home brew kit, 3 Gallon American Pale Ale home brew kit, or American Pale Ale Recipe! Just use code "happy4th" at checkout.


And just in time for the 4th, here's our little "Red, White and Blue" craft beer round up of some favorite ales to have on hand for your celebrations:


RED: Laguita's Imperial Red Ale

This full-bodied amber ale has sweet caramel malt tones with flavors of resin and hops. A heavier beer, this is great to enjoy on its own or with a juicy burger off the grill.


WHITE: Allagash White

Full of flavor, crisp and refreshing with subtle hints of cloves and coriander, Allagash's take on a traditional Belgian wheat beer (or witbier) pours a pale, slightly cloudy yellow with a thin, creamy-white head. Perfect for a day at the beach!


BLUE: Cascade Blueberry

Bold sour and sweet with a smooth and long dry finish, the Cascade Blueberry ale pours a reddish-purple with quickly-dissipating pinkish-white head. Enjoy this refreshing tart brew while relaxing with family and friends.


What craft beer will you be drinking to celebrate our great country's independence? From all of us at Craft A Brew, have a safe and happy 4th of July celebration. Cheers!

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