Beer Brewing Kit Spotlight: American Pale Ale

Jul 03, 2014Kyle Westfall

Between the World Cup and the 4th of July, American pride is going strong this week!  We’re offering 15% off our American Pale Ale home beer brewing kits through July 4th.  This beer brewing starter kit is a great choice for the first time brewer, and its smooth, slightly hoppy character makes it a crowd favorite. Here’s a closer look on the popular American Pale Ale home brew recipe and beer making kit:

History: Although we can claim this pale ale as our own, we need to thank our British cousins for the concept.  American Pale Ale was created at a time when craft beer was rising in popularity in the states.  English Pale Ale was in demand, however extremely cost prohibitive to most Americans due to expensive import costs.  American brewers saw an opportunity and replicated English Pale Ale (but with American Hops of course).  Beer distributors now had a more affordable option for their customers and American Pale Ale was born. 


Description: Moderate to strong hop aroma, at times with a citrusy hop character.  Low to moderate maltiness.  Fruity esters vary from moderate to none.  


The Pour: Pale golden to deep amber in color with a moderately large white to off-white head and good retention.  American Pale Ale is generally clear, although some dry-hopped versions may be slightly hazy. 


Glassware: Pint Glass (or Becker, Nonic, Tumbler), Mug (or Seidel, Stein)


Temps: Cellar 35 – 40°F/ Serving 40-45°F 


Food Pairings:

Cuisine – Tex Mex, Thai, Vietnamese

Cheese - Camembert, Fontina, Asiago, Colby, Parmesan, Brick, Edam, Feta

Meat – Poultry

General - Salad


ABV: 4.5% - 6.2%


Our Recipe, Your Brew: Our American Pale Ale home brew beer kit recipe includes the finest ingredients – Golden Light malt extract, Caramel & Carapils brewer’s grains, Perle & Cascade hops, and Muntons yeast. 


Drink proud.  Drink American.  Happy 4th of July everyone!

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