Get Your Beer Ready…College Football is Around the Corner!

Jul 23, 2014Kyle Westfall

Summer is whizzing by, and that means one really important thing…COLLEGE FOOTBALL!  To be exact we have 32 days until the August 28th kick-off of our favorite season.  This gives you just enough time to purchase your beer making kit, brew, bottle, ferment and chill.  By the time College Game Day starts on Sports Center, you will be ready to pop open and enjoy your favorite home brew. 


Not sure what to serve at your tailgate? Why not start a game day tradition with a craft beer tasting of several different varieties?  Or better yet have a “Game Day Home Brew Challenge.” Each one of your buddies uses a home brew starter kit to make a different recipe.  Have everyone bring their home brewed craft beer to the tailgate or party, and have a tasting.  It’s a great way to show off your brewing talents and a fun way to get the party started. 

The season has only just begun (ok, not really, we are just super excited), so you will certainly hear more from us regarding football season – tailgate menus, games, etc.  This is just a pre-curser and a courtesy to all of our great customers to make sure you have ample time to perfect your home brew for the big game.  If you’re going to slack on anything in your football season preparations, don’t slack on this.  It’s way too important.  Happy brewing!


NCAA Football schedule:

2014 NCAA College Football Schedules


And ESPN announced their FCS "Kickoff" event August 23rd! USA Today: ESPN to Give College Football Season an Early Start


Are the Noles going to take it again this year?  Who’s your pick? What beer will you brew for gameday?


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