Tailgate Menus: What to Serve with Your Home-Brewed Craft Beer

Sep 17, 2014Kyle Westfall

Finally! Football season is in full effect and after the first week, we are all getting settled in. Whether you plan to enjoy the games from the comfort of your own sofa or you’ve got tickets in hand and are the first one at the tailgate, the big question is – “What am I going to eat and drink to prepare for the grid iron game ahead?”

Don’t worry, we are here to help. We obviously know how to quench your thirst – beer, beer, and more beer (and make it good beer!). As for the food you wish to serve with your beer, Southern Living offers six crowd-pleasing tailgate menus from easy prep to advanced foodie. Satisfy your hunger in true tailgate style at home or at the game. Here are a few of our favorite items from this round-up, and, of course, the home brew to pair it with:


Spicy Sweet Deviled Eggs

Home Brew Pairing: Intergalactic Pale Ale



Chicken Enchiladas

Home brew pairing: Hefeweizen



Blue Moon Inn Cheese Spread

Home brew pairing: Brown Ale


Now, let’s get back to the beer. Hopefully, you are amply prepared with your home-brewed craft beer in the fridge and ready to drink. Just remember, as with all good times, football season goes by fast. Before you know it, you’ll be in a football-deprived state unsure about how to spend your weekends. So if you haven’t already, get your order in for your favorite home brew kit and recipe or try something new in honor of the happiest time of the year.

Happy football to you all!

How do you tailgate? Do you keep it casual with beer and sandwiches or go to the nines with a full bar and endless spread of delicious food?

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