Craft Beer Drinkers-Turned-Home Brewers Led the Way to the Craft Beer Revolution

Sep 16, 2015Kyle Westfall

Call it what you will, “the craft beer revolution”, the “culture of better beer”, or the “golden age of craft beer”. All true, but for craft beer enthusiasts, this revival of beer is no big surprise. And whether you’ve been a long-time fan or you’re a craft beer rookie, no one has a better appreciation of home brewing than you, the lover of craft beer (we thank you kindly!).

In fact, beer drinkers-turned-home brewers can largely be accredited for the revival of beer. “A democratization of beer began in earnest during the late 1970’s by home brewers. It was then that better beer began its journey, championed by individuals and not corporate strategies. Home brewers began learning how to make the beer types they could no longer buy. A few home brewers started their own small breweries, the first new breweries to open since prohibition began in 1923. A revival had begun”, -Via

What happened next is that beer drinkers learned to appreciate these new “microbrews” later termed “craft beer” as we all know it today. There are now over 3,000 small and independent craft brewers in the USA.

Brewing with Craft A Brew Beer Brewing KitImage Courtesy of Fiction


It is the passion of beer beer drinkers that has led to the unequivocal success of craft beer today. The need and desire for new tastes and complex flavors is driving an industry that allows for creativity and yes, a whole heck of a lot of fun. And when craft beer drinkers need more than just a tasty brew at a bar, they have the opportunity to take it to another level in their own kitchen.

Brewing beer at home with Craft A Brew Beer Brewing Kit

This, of course, being the beauty of home brew starter kits like (ahem) the ones you find on our site – you don’t need to be a pro, just a dedicated craft beer fan with the desire to learn more. With easy-to-make craft beer home brewing kits and lots of recipes to experiment, it is up to you to see where the craft beer journey takes you. It could just be a fun day brewing with friends and something to look forward to drinking, or perhaps, lead to something more. At the very least, you are part of a community and a network of familiar friends who share a passion for the phenomenon that is craft beer.

Craft Beer Drinkers Make the Best Homebrewers

Image courtesy of Fiction


What was your first experience with a home brew? How has brewing changed or shaped your love of craft beer? Please share!

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  • My first time brewing was in June I made a red ale it came out great and I really enjoy it

    Christopher jennings

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