Large Auto-Siphon - 5 gallon

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An auto siphon for beer might be the best investment you’ll ever make in your homebrewing hobby. Bottling day is a breeze with our large home brew siphon - it does all the work for you on bottling day. No more fussing with a racking cane - ever. With just one pump, this auto siphon tool quickly transfers beer (or wine or mead) out of your 5 gallon fermenter. 

This auto siphon for beer (or wine or other fermentations) is specifically designed for larger 5 gallon fermenters. Try our Mini Auto Siphon sized for 1 gallon carboys.

Using a home brew siphon eliminates hassle or frustration on bottling day for those who hate dealing with racking canes. Perfect for transferring liquids, bottling beer, wine, etc. without disturbing the sediment.

This large auto siphon for beer is compatible with 5/16" inner diameter transfer tubing, the same tubing that is included in our 1 gallon beer kit, wine kit, hard cider kit, mead kit & the Catalyst Fermentation System.

Choose from 2 options:

1. Auto siphon - compatible with 5/16" ID tubing
2. Auto siphon Bundle - includes transfer tubing (3.5' length) & a tube clamp

How to use our auto-siphon for beer bottling & transfers:

1. On bottling day, sanitize your auto-siphon with the rest of your bottling day equipment (bottles, caps, funnel, transfer tubing, etc.)
2. Attach transfer tubing to the curved part of the mini auto siphon.
3 Remove the stopper from your carboy & insert the end of the auto siphon to submerge it in your beer.
4. Pull the inner tube up until it's filled with liquid.
5. Pump the inner tube down to begin the siphon flow.
6. Using a tubing clamp, stop flow of beer, wine or cider as needed to bottle.
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