Capping Kit

Cap Count

If using pry-off beer bottles to carbonate your beer, you’ll need a beer bottle capper. This capping kit comes with the essentials you need to bottle your beer for carbonation.

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What’s included?

A bag of beer bottle caps - choose from a 24-count bag (enough caps for two 1 gallon batches) or a 100-count bag (enough for ten 1 gallon batches OR two 5 gallon batches of beer)
Beer bottle capper - color/style may vary from our product photo

This capping kit is designed to be used with pry-off beer bottles & pry-off bottle caps. You can recycle bottles from beers you drink at home or ask for empties at your local bar or bottle shop. If you prefer to source brand new bottles, try our Deluxe Bottling Kit

Do NOT use this beer bottle capping tool or caps with twist-off bottles or twist-off caps. Do NOT re-use bottle caps.

This capping kit can be used with any of our home beer brewing kits, beer recipe kits or hard cider kits. One gallon of beer or cider yields about eight to ten 12 oz bottles of beer. When you need more bottle caps, we sell those in bags of 50.


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