Gelatin Finings


Want to brew clearer beers and wine? Try Gelatin Finings to reduce haze and cloudiness when brewing beer or wine. When mixed with water, they are an effective clarifying agent.

The finings attract negatively charged particles (like yeast & protein), causing them to clump together and settle out of suspension. Gelatin Finings can also help remove tannin, which reduces astringency.

Gelatin Finings are used at the end of fermentation to clear up wine or beer before bottling or kegging. Use in combination with other clarifiers or fining agents added earlier in the home brewing process, like Irish Moss or Whirlfloc Tablets. Such finings can help coagulate kettle trub from brew day, while providing another opportunity to clarify the beer after fermentation.

Gelatin is derived from animal collagen, so this product is not vegan.

Recommended dosage: 1 g per gallon. Package contains 1 Oz.

How to use Gelatin Finings:

  1. Once fermentation is complete, dissolve finings in water (2 oz water per gram of finings).
  2. Let rest & rehydrate for 15-30 minutes. 
  3. After hydrating, stir again so you don’t see any solids.
  4. Heat the mixture to at least 160ºF to totally dissolve the finings. 
  5. Let mixture cool to room temp before adding to fermenter.
  6. Allow finings to work for 2-3 days before bottling or kegging.
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