Faucet Adapter for Clover Wort Immersion Chiller


This faucet adapter for the Clover Wort Immersion Chiller (1 gallon model and 5 gallon model) helps you connect to a threaded kitchen sink.

The Clover Chiller includes a 3/4" female garden hose brass swivel that will attach to a garden hose or utility sink. If you brew indoors, you'll need this faucet adapter. Just remove the screen from your faucet & screw on the adapter. Then attach your wort chiller.

NOTE: This Faucet Adapter for the Clover Wort Immersion Chiller will not work on faucets that have a built in sprayer.

Handle with care when installing and tightening this faucet adapter - the threads can be a bit sharp. 


  • Male Faucet Fitting = 15/16" Straight Threads with 27 TPI (Threads Per Inch)
  • Female Faucet Fitting = 27/32" Straight Threads with 27 TPI
  • Garden Hose Fitting = 17/16" Straight Threads with 11.5 TPI
  • Includes 2 gaskets

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