Neoprene Catalyst Cover (The Stasis)


This Neoprene Cover for Catalyst and Stasis is custom designed to insulate The Catalyst Fermenter when using The Stasis glycol chiller for temperature control. It provides insulation, increases efficiency and reduces condensation when chilling your beer during fermentation - with our or any glycol chiller.

If fermentation temperature control is something you struggle with OR something you're starting to incorporate into your homebrewery, insulation is the answer. Temperature control is what separates commercial beer from homebrew - controlling temps what stands between you and your best tasting beers. Consistent fermentation temperature means happy, productive yeast. This means fewer off-flavors and more consistency between batches.

A Neoprene Catalyst Cover is a must-have if you plan to lager or cold crash beers in your Catalyst. Insulating the fermenter helps The Stasis glycol chiller or other temperature control devices operate as efficiently as possible. Even when not using a chiller, this neoprene slip-on cover can help naturally retain heat produced during fermentation and provide some warming insulation. This provides some protection from fluctuating ambient temperatures.

*It is strongly recommended to use this neoprene cover for Catalyst and Stasis whenever using our conical fermenter with our (or any) glycol chiller. In addition to this neoprene Catalyst tank cover, we also recommend using our neoprene mason jar cover as well for the best possible insulation. 

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