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An affordable, compact temperature control solution for homebrewers that harnesses the power of glycol.

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Why Does Temperature Control Matter?

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Controlling & maintaining fermentation temperature is crucial for the best performance from your yeast.

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Chilling beer after fermentation (“cold crash-ing”) helps improve the clarity & taste of your homebrew.

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Consistent, cold fermentation means you can brew lagers, like pilsners & marzens, which aren’t easily achieved as a homebrewer.

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Maintain Precise Temperature in Ales & Lagers

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Innovative, All-In-One Design.

Stasis Squigly Line Separator
  • 120V
  • Powerful 1/5 HP compressor
  • Stasis cooling capacity is 1,700 BTU/hr -> Other 1/5hp competitor = 1,450 BTU/hr -> Stasis is much more efficient and powerful
  • Lowest set temperature 36°F
  • Type of glycol recommended: Propylene Glycol (food grade)
  • Stasis Includes: Stasis Unit, AC Power Cord (USA 120V Wall Plug), temperature probe
  • assembly (Serial Plug to dual 6 foot probes)
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