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Stasis Glycol Chiller System

The Stasis Glycol Chiller System can control two 5 gallon fermenters at once, maintaining unique fermentation temperatures in each. The Stasis Glycol Chiller System is compatible with The Catalyst Fermentation System or any fermenter that you have at home. Our glycol chiller offers professional fermentation temperature control at a homebrewer’s budget. Unlike other home brewing chillers on the market, The Stasis includes internal thermostats and pumps, and is significantly more compact and sleeker.

Stasis Fermentation Temperature Control By Craft a Brew
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An affordable, compact temperature control solution for homebrewers that harnesses the power of glycol.

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Why Does Temperature Control Matter?

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Controlling & maintaining fermentation temperature is crucial for the best performance from your yeast.

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Chilling beer after fermentation (“cold crash-ing”) helps improve the clarity & taste of your homebrew.

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Consistent, cold fermentation means you can brew lagers, like pilsners & marzens, which aren’t easily achieved as a homebrewer.

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Maintain Precise Temperature in Ales & Lagers

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All-In-One Design

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  • 120V
  • Powerful 1/5 HP compressor
  • Stasis cooling capacity is 1,700 BTU/hr -> Other 1/5hp competitor = 1,450 BTU/hr -> Stasis is much more efficient and powerful
  • Lowest set temperature 36°F
  • Type of glycol recommended: Propylene Glycol (food grade)
  • Stasis Includes: Stasis Unit, AC Power Cord (USA 120V Wall Plug), temperature probe
  • assembly (Serial Plug to dual 6 foot probes)
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