LalBrew NovaLager Hybrid Dry Lager Yeast

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Looking to brew your next lager? Try Lallemand LalBrew NovaLager Hybrid Dry Lager Yeast. This robust lager yeast strain is ideal for lager fermentation. It ferments fast with high attenuation, meaning it ferments more available wort sugars for dry, clean finish. Nova Lager yeast exhibits a very clean flavor profile with slight esters and no sulfur over a wide temperature range.

Lalbrew NovaLager is a low diacetyl producer with a 13% alcohol tolerance. It also uses patented technology from the University of California Davis to ensure that the strain will not produce hydrogen sulfide off-flavors, which reduces the maturation time typically associated with lager production.

This lager yeast strain thrives in a fermentation temperature range of 50 - 68ºF. It exhibits a vigorous fermentation that can be completed in 6 days. LalBrew NovaLager is a true bottom fermenting Saccharomyces pastorianus hybrid from the novel Group III lineage. It was selected using classic and non_GMO breeding methods to obtain a novel Saccharomyces cerevisiae (top fermenting yeast) x Saccharomyces eubayanus (cold tolerant bottom fermenting yeast) hybrid strain that defines a novel Group III lager lineage distinct from other traditional Saccharomyces pastorianus strains.

NovaLager yeast is best when dry pitched and does not require rehydration before pitching. If you want to reduce lag phase and grow yeast cell count, consider our Yeast Starter Kit.

How To Use LalBrew NovaLager Hybrid Dry Lager Yeast When Brewing 5 Gallons Of Beer:

  1. Ensure wort is chilled to 75ºF or below.
  2. Pitch entire packet & aerate for a full minute to begin fermentation.

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