Beer Brewing Yeast Starter Kit


Our Beer Brewing Yeast Starter Kit helps you harvest yeast from finished fermentations, grow the yeast cell count of a package of dry yeast or hydrate dry yeast for a shorter lag phase. This Beer Brewing Yeast Starter Kit is designed for 5 gallon batches of beer.

A yeast starter helps ensure yeast health for efficient fermentations, increases yeast cell count during brewing, and reduces lag time. A yeast starter is also important when making high gravity beers, since more yeast is needed to help finish fermentation completely. 

With our Beer Brewing Yeast Starter Kit, you can re-use clean yeast harvested from a prior fermentation OR propagate a pack of new yeast.

Our beer yeast starter helps you "wake up" the yeast in some sugary dry malt extract and creates an environment conducive to multiplication. A healthy yeast starter can yield clean flavors in the finished beer and fewer off-flavors.

To prepare a beer yeast starter, you'll brew a small batch of wort (unfermented beer) with the included DME. Then you'll chill it and allow yeast ferment in the flask for 1-2 days before you brew your batch of beer. In that time the yeast will reproduce inside the flask, increasing from a couple billion cells to hundreds of billions of yeast cells.

What's in our Beer Brewing Yeast Starter Kit?

- one 1000 mL. Erlenmeyer flask (heat resistant)
- one foam stopper
- one 1.25 lb bag of Pilsen Light Dry Malt Extract (DME)
- one resealable bag for extra DME
- instruction sheet

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