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Mead is the original fermented beverage, predating wine or beer. Our Mead Kit helps you craft your own "honey wine" in just 4 weeks. Ready to get buzzed?

Brewing mead with our Mead Kit is as simple as combining honey, water, and yeast. Drink your honey mead out of a goblet or a horn to channel the Vikings and ancient Romans who considered honey wine to be the "nectar of the gods."

This Mead Making Kit produces a naturally semi-dry honey wine. If you want to craft a sweeter mead, try our Backsweetening Mead Kit. This ingredient kit helps you add sweetness to your mead that won't ferment out.

If you need honey for making mead choose one of our Mead Kit Bundles. A Mead Kit Bundle includes a 40 oz bottle of honey, which is exactly what you need to ferment 1 gallon of mead. Choose from a rotating Mead Maker’s selection of honey varieties:

Orange Blossom Honey:   Sweet, flowery & citrusy - this renowned honey variety is a mead maker favorite. Notes of white flower and zesty orange make for a delicious and complex mead. This straw colored honey is harvested from bees that pollinate Citrus × sinensis (sweet orange or navel orange). Orange Blossom Honey is always best sourced from trusted farms, as this covetable variety is often artificially flavored. This honey is tested for Methyl anthranilate, the natural compound that gives orange blossom its flavor, to ensure authenticity.

Wildflower Honey: Pre-order (expected to ship by 6/20) The name wildflower is given to honey harvested from bees that pollinate multiple flowers. The main floral sources for our wildflower honey are naturally occurring wildflowers in South Brazil. This wildflower honey for mead making is reddish amber in color with herbal, floral and sweet notes, perfect for a simple mead or a fruited mead!


What's Inside the Mead Kit

  • 1 gallon Glass Carboy
  • Airlock
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Racking Cane + Tip
  • Transfer Tubing + Tube Clamp
  • Funnel
  • Lalvin D47 Yeast
  • Yeast Nutrients (2 packets)
  • Sanitizer
  • Guide to Making Mead

Make Your Own Mead

Get buzzed with our Mead Kit. Referred to as honey wine, mead is made by fermenting honey, water & yeast. This Mead Kit walks you through the simple and fun fermentation process. The kit includes reusable equipment and ingredients for your first batch. A Mead Kit is only as good as its ingredients, which is why our Mead Kit features a high performance yeast and a custom blend of yeast nutrient for healthy fermentation.

Easy Process, Tasty Results

Make Your Own Honey Wine (Mead)

Our Guide to Making Mead

A step by step guide to fermenting and bottling your mead. Includes tips for making a sweet mead, a Melomel or a Cyser.

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