Transfer Tubing


Need more beer tubing? We got you. Our Transfer Tubing is compatible with all of our other accessories, including:

mini-auto siphon
#6.5 rubber stopper
racking cane
Ball Valve sample port for The Catalyst

Beer tubing is a hard working homebrewing accessory that's used at several stages of the beer making process. Blow-off, siphoning, bottling & kegging. Over time, your old Transfer Tubing may become discolored or have stubborn sediment - retire it and start fresh!

This is an exact replacement for the Transfer Tubing included with The Catalyst Fermentation System and all of our 1 gallon beer, wine, hard cider & mead kits.


blow-off tube for primary fermentation
transferring & bottling 
racking from the Ball Valve sample port for The Catalyst


Inner Diameter: 5/16"
Outer Diameter: 7/16"
Length: 3.5'
BPA-free & DEHP-free PVC medical grade vinyl

How to clean:

After you've used beer tubing as a blow-off, we recommend rinsing with water to dislodge any solids. Then, soak in a solution of warm-hot water & PBW (powdered brewery wash). After cleansing with PBW, be sure to sanitize.

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