Gin Making Kit


Transform basic vodka into handcrafted floral botanical gin with our Gin Making Kit - no still required. Everything you need to make your own homemade gin comes in one compact box. Each Gin Infusion Kit includes a vial of juniper berries and a vial of 10 carefully curated botanicals, like lemon peel and lavender, from around the world. Our Gin Making Kit also includes instructions, a copper funnel, and two 375 mL glass bottles with corks for storing your gin on your bar cart. Our Gin Kit will have your delicious homemade gin ready to mix into cocktails after only 2 short days!

What's Inside the Gin Making Kit

  • Two 375 mL glass bottles with wood corked top
  • Straining funnel & filter
  • Step by step instructions
  • Botanical Blend (juniper, rosehips, spices & citrus)

Make Your Own Gin

Easily make your own gin with our Gin Kit. Every gin infusion kit includes two corked glass bottles for storing your homemade gin. Use our Gin Kit to infuse 750 mL of vodka with natural botanicals, like juniper berries, lavender, fennel and lemon peel.

Our Guide to Infusing Gin

An easy 4 step guide to making homemade gin using our Gin Making Kit.

Already Have The Equipment?

Our Gin Recipe Kit includes juniper berries & botanicals to infuse 750mL of vodka to create your own botanical gin. Compatible with the equipment in our Gin Infusion Kit.

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