Gin Recipe Kit


Do you already own our Gin Making Kit and want another round? Our botanical Gin Recipe Kit includes the ingredients to handcraft your own small batch gin in only 2 days. This refill includes all the botanical ingredients you need, without the equipment. Every Gin Recipe Kit comes with a vial of juniper berries, and a vial of 10 carefully curated botanicals including lemon peel, rose hips, and spices.

What's Inside the Gin Recipe Kit

  • Juniper Berries
  • Botanical Blend (rosehips, spices & citrus)
  • Filter
  • Step by step instructions 

Not included, but recommended:

  • Two 375 mL glass bottles with wood corked top or other airtight lid/seal
  • Funnel

Our Guide to Infusing Gin

A simple 4 step guide to making botanical gin.

Need The Equipment?

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