Toasted Oak Chips

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Love a barrel aged beer or hints of bourbon in a brew? Mimic barrel aging in your homebrew with our Toasted Oak Chips. These are the same Toasted Oak Chips included in our Oak Aged IPA beer recipe. Now you can use them to treat any beer recipe - like our Brown Ale, Belgian Abbey Dubbel, Dry Irish Stout or other beer styles!

These American Oak Chips are lightly toasted and impart a lot of flavor, and a nice aroma. American oak is often described as having coconut and vanilla flavor. Smaller oak chips mean increased surface area for increased flavor potential! 

Choose from our .25 oz bag or 1.25 oz bag:

  • 0.25 oz will treat 1 gallon of beer
  • 1.25 oz will treat a 5 gallon batch of beer (or multiple smaller batches)

HOW-TO use Toasted Oak Chips in your homebrew: After 1 week of fermentation, sterilize oak chips by boiling them in water for 10 min. Drain water & add chips to the fermenter. Let beer age on the oak for 1-2 weeks before bottling for oak aged flavor. More time will yield more prominent oak flavor in your finished beer. 

For bourbon barrel aged flavor, soak the oak chips in about 3 oz of bourbon for 48 hours to sterilize & infuse. Add oak AND bourbon directly to the fermenter. Let beer age on the oak & bourbon for 1-2 weeks before bottling. OR try our bourbon barrel pieces, cut from a real bourbon barrel from St. Augustine Distillery.

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